The National Geoelectromagnetic Facility maintains its own instrument pool, and it provides access to two other instrument pools that are also managed by Oregon State University's EM instrument center. Two types of instruments are available:

  1. Long-period magnetotelluric systems (1 Hz sample rate) and related support equipment. Currently 72 transportable Narod Geophysics NIMS systems, plus 1 LEMI-417 system. 21 transportable NIMS are reserved specifically for EarthScope USArray Transportable and FlexArray work, and the remainder are available for general purpose use.
  2. Ultra wide-band EM receivers configurable for dc, micro-Hz-to-MHz operations, and related support equipment. The NGF currently operates 16 Zonge ZEN Rx6 (ultra)wideband EM receivers, including 18 Zonge/Geotell ANT/4 induction coils, 30 Zonge/Geotell ANT/6 induction coils, a number of Zonge/Geotell ANT/2 and 2m induction coils, and 10 LEMI 031 fluxgate magnetometers. Please see links at left under "Our instruments" for more information. If you require access to a combination of these instruments that is not found in the drop-down menus on the "Request equipment" page, please contact us directly at:
  3. Next generation instrumentation. Check back for details - we are currently building out the first set of next generation MT instruments with exciting new capabilities.

The current cost schedule for using NGF instruments is as follows:

Potential users of the NGF ultra-wideband instruments, and/or the general purpose long-period magnetotelluric instrument pools are advised to note the following direct project costs to factor in when budgeting:

Instrument staging: $1000/instrument  for NIMS and/or for ZEN  plus $100 staging cost per induction coil (ANT4/6/7) plus $200/month staging cost for LEMI fluxgate sensors (staging costs are one time cost per outbound shipment to cover instrument prep, testing and shipping preparations). Instrument use: $500/instrument/month for NIMS and/or for ZEN, with one month minimum per instrument in monthly increments. The monthly cost per induction coil is $250, and for each LEMI fluxgate sensor, $500.

OSU will also provide at not additional cost per instrument up to 4 twin chamber gel-type Pb-PbCl2 electrodes per instrument.

Insurance requirements: All users must supply evidence of insurance for the replacement value of NGF-managed instruments before they can be released to the user. Users are asked to insure the NIMS instruments for $18,000 replacement cost, the active source transmitters for $15,000 replacement cost, and the ultra wide-band Zen/5 instruments for $45,000 replacement cost. Users are also responsible for shipping costs to/from Oregon State University. Users will be responsible for providing external 12V deep cycle batteries for instrument power, insulated dipole wire for electrode hookup, and all typical field supplies and hand tools necessary for installation of the instruments. Users are encouraged to provide their own field notebook computers for setup and operation of the instruments, although a limited number of NGF MacBookAir field computers can be made available, if not otherwise booked, at additional cost. Oregon State University will provide NIMSpy, it OSU-written Python instrument control software, a User Manual, and user training at our site at no additional cost.

Additional technical services: Including remote site user training, or direct field support including full data acquisition and data processing/interpretation services can also be arranged, on a cost recovery basis.

Note on cost recovery: The instrument use cost recovery schedule has been set on the basis of 67% annual utilization of the instrument pools (with the remaining 34% of the annual period devoted to shipment, repair/reconditioning and inventory/storage of the instruments). The OSU geoelectromagnetic instrument center will carry out routine maintenance and repair of the instruments, operation of the facility, depot, shipping and storage, as well as routine software development (e.g. instrument user interface and data conversion codes). This activity involves 1.0 FTE geoelectromagnetic instrument/field/data technician and one month OSU PI salary support per year. The cost recovery schedule will be adequate to cover these costs as well as supplies and expendables sufficient to maintain the operational state of the instruments given routine wear and tear. The cost recovery schedule does not cover instrument depreciation/replacement costs. We are presently charging the same rate to use the newly constructed ultra wide-band EM receivers and the Zonge transmitters as we are for the existing NIMS long-period MT instruments. The current cost schedule will be reviewed annually and is subject to revision.