The National Geoelectromagnetic Facility provides training for professional users as well as students in the art and science of EM geophysics. This can include one day short courses in the theory and practice of operating the NGF equipment, and it can also include longer training sessions. NGF staff can provide residential courses held at our facility, located in the wine country of Western Oregon's Willamette Valley in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, or at your designated site. Advertisements of scheduled training session and courses will be found on this page, as the schedules are set. You are also encouraged to contact the NGF if you wish to set up a training session at a specific time and place.

NGF Webinar - from OSU Graduate Course on EM Geophysics GPH641 29-Apr-2021 Brady Fry and Esteban Bowles-Martinez on OSU workflow for processing long-period and wideband MT, Single Station and Remote Reference Processing