Note - downloading software from this site constitutes your acceptance of Gnu GPLv3 license terms. We plan for nfTides to be available in several formats and consider this an ongoing project of updates, improvements and widening accessibility to this method. Other plans include expanding the time period over which the algorithm may be applied; as the UK Hydrographic Office publishes updates to the Admiralty Tide Tables we shall periodically update the Admirality coefficients file included in this distribution so that time series collected more recently may be analyzed using this method.

The current V2.1.1 is distributed as a single Fortran90 source code file that is completely self-contained, requiring no external libraries, and a single file "' that contains the daily coefficients that describe the Admiralty basis functions.

We are also continuing to work to port nfTides to both MATLAB and c++ source code distributions, so please revisit this site periodically for updates.

A link to download nfTides appears below.


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