The National Geoelectromagnetic Facility at Oregon State University acts as a point-of-contact for those interested in using NIMS MT systems that are maintained at the Oregon State electromagnetic instrument center. Requests for NGF instruments may be made through the web forms found on the left hand side of this page under "NGF Requests/Info -> NIMS MT system".

  1. We currently have 62 NIMS transportable instruments available on a cost recovery basis. Through the end of 2018, priority access to 22 of these instruments is given to EarthScope Transportable Array studies (community experiment) and to EarthScope Science Program projects (PI-led), at no cost to EarthScope-funded investigators. Access to the 22 EarthScope instruments for all other purposes may be possible, with the concurrence of the NSF EarthScope Program Director. This facility also operates one LEMI-417 MT instrument.

NGF NIMS 1 Hz sample rate long-period MT instrument, manufactured by Narod Geophysics. Triaxial ring-core magnetometer on left, OSU Pb-PbCl2 gel-type electrodes shown on top of NIMS data acquisition system.

In 2019 our fleet of Narod NIMS long-period MT receivers is being updated with new GNSS receivers to replace the original GPS receivers. This provides much faster satellite lock and a much larger set of satellite constellations, improving the ability to obtain and maintain precise system timing lock under challenging conditions, such as extensive tree canopy. The NIMS are also being updated by replacement of their original CF card based data loggin subsystems with a new one designed and built by the NGF that uses microSD card media, allows for a much improved data file naming convention, and that operates a micro web server system interface accessible over a wireless (wifi) link that will be compatible with any wifi equipped device. Check back for more details as the new "NGFNIMS" is rolled out in Spring 2019.