The National Geoelectromagnetic Facility provides cyberinfrastructure resources to users. This includes

a) Field computers and instrument control/data processing software - typically MacBook or MacBook Air notebooks with NIMSpy for operating and/or setting up Narod NIMS long-period MT systems and Zonge Zen Rx6 broadband EM receivers. Field systems can also be equipped with the Oregon State University MT data processing software package. In 2025 a substantial set of CREL DART ultra-broadband MT systems will become available as well. The NIMS and DART MT systems support real-time data telemetry through the LTE mobile network.

b) High performance computation - with the collaboration of NGF personnel it is possible to carry out research programs that use our massively parallel computing system "parakepler", supporting up to 56 parallel CPU threads on our Colfax International ( CX4850-2T-X6 hybrid CPU/GPU system, with two Intel Zeon E5-2697V3 2.6 GHz 14-core processors served by 768 GB of shared DDR4 2133 MHz RAM. Each processor thread has access to a farm of 8 NVidia Kepler K80 general purpose GPU's providing 30,000 parallel stream processors, on a high speed backplane.

The NGF supports parallel programming development using CUDA-enabled Fortran, C, C++ compilers, as well as Python, all with libraries and support packages for GPU-accelerated parallel coding. OpenMP and MPI are also supported for CPU parallel programming. Torque has also been installed to enable PBS cluster-based multiple core job sharing. For more information, contact the NGF directly.

In addition, for research carried out collaboratively with the NGF, access to substantial GPU and CPU/Hybrid GPU computing is available on cutting-edge NVidia HPC facilities at OSU. In combination with IoMT(t) "The Internet of MT" cloud based software services, external users may access our MT data analysis workflow, including real-time data telemetry from deployed instruments, processing of MT time series for production of MT response functions, and 3-D inversion of MT, gravity and CSEM data (singly, or jointly) using codes developed by NGF-affiliated researchers. Please contact the NGF for more information.