This page will contain an updated calendar of instrument commitments to specific users, as well as a complementary calendar showing the future availability of uncommitted instruments. It is anticipated that the 20 (of 45 long-period NGF MT instruments) managed by the NGF on behalf of the NSF EarthScope Program will be committed to transportable array deployments in the USA from the start of May through the end of November each year, for the forseeable future. These instruments, as well as the remaining 25 non-EarthScope instruments, are available for PI directed science year round when not otherwise committed. To book these instruments, or the ultra wide-band EM receivers and related equipment, or to make an inquiry about the availability of instruments for possible, planned or pending proposals or for funded projects/surveys, please use the "Request availability" link found at left under "NGF Requests/Info".

Contractor installing NGF-provided NIMS long-period MT system at EarthScope site.